bali aromatherapy product

Bali Aromatherapy Product Shipping Information

5 ways to ship your order from Bali to you :
1. 20ft. Container (30 cubic meters)
2. 40ft. Container (60 cubic meters)
3. 40ft. High Cube Container (72 cubic meters)
4. LCL Sea Cargo (less than a container - charged per cubic meter)
5. Air Cargo

LCL & Full Container Load ( recommended, because more effectively cost )
The enclosed steel containers are available in 2 sizes 20 ft, 40 ft , and 40 ft jumbo, provide the customer with loading space of 30, 60, 72 Cubic Meter respectively, or roughly 300, 600, 720 normal size shipping boxes. This type is the most commonly used in the cargo field. The Advantages of using the enclosed container are product protection and safety, and allowing the most economical use of space.
Less Container Load ( LCL)
This service is dedicated to those shipment whose space is insufficient to fill a 20 ft container. Shipments are individually crated and consolidated on freight carries bound for intended destination. L.C.L. loads are appropriate for sending smaller shipments, samples, gifts and personal items. Orders less than a container volume are calculated by the cubic meter. Please contact us for more information regarding shipments of less than a container volume.

Air Freight
Air Freight is fastest way to ship, but also the most expensive one. Cargo do charge by the kilo, but in addition, also by volume, whichever happens to be greatest. A standard carton box is 50 x 58 x 33 cm (20 x 23 x 13 inches). According to the cargo calculation, that carton's volume is equal to about 15 kilos. If there is less than 15 kilos of product in that carton box, then you still will pay for 15 kilos. If there is more than 15 kilos, you pay the greater amount. Let's say the air cargo rate for you is about $4.00 per kilo which means that carton costs you in cargo expense at least $60.00. In some cases you will have paid more for the cargo than you paid us for the Bali handicraft.
Shipping Time by Sea Freight
Shipping to most International ports takes approximately 4 weeks from Indonesia. Shipping to Asia/Southeast Asia destinations are approximately 2 weeks.
Shipping Cost by Sea Freight
Cost of shipping depends on the shipping destination and volume or quantity of the shipment, All of our shipping quotes include documentation fees, local handling & trucking fees, packing & stuffing fees, port loading fees and all other local charges levied in the packing and delivery of your container to the port. D.D.C. fees (Document & Destination Charge) levied by the port of destination are not included. Some International ports charge a D.D.C. fee upon the arrival and handling of your shipment in your local port. Please do check with your customs department for more information on D.D.C. charges. When you contact us we will give you a definitive quote for your destination.

Shipping Insurance
Insurance for your shipment can be purchased in Indonesia from the cargo company, but you can also check with your local insurance agent where you usually buy your house, car or business insurance. Insurance purchased in Indonesia can be relatively expensive. In addition and most importantly, collecting a claim from an Indonesian carrier or insurance company can sometimes be a life-long event and in general, not worth the hassle. Generally, when we receive an order we will estimate costs for the shipment. This is not always easy because the weight of handicrafts of the same sort may vary in the same way as the look does. That is the nature of handicrafts.

Taxes :
Every country imposes its own taxes, duties and other administrative fees. Customers are encouraged to contact their local postal service or customs bureau to inquire about possible import taxes. Cempaka Bali is not responsible for duties or taxes charged by the local government.

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