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Beginners Guide to the Do's and Don'ts of Aromatherapy     

Increasingly popular, aromatherapy is beginning to make major inroads into peoples around the world.As with anything being tried for the first time alongside the certain attractive things that drew you to the subject in the first place there are various pitfalls to avoid. This article details how you should go about your first steps towards full integration within what is a superb lifestyle enriching practice:

Do: Research as many things about aromatherapy as you can. Use a range of sources from library books and the internet to talking with people who know aromatherapy well. Safety is of primary concern when practicing aromatherapy.

Always read the labels on essential oil containers. Medical conditions of any sort should be thoroughly referenced with potential dangers associated with essential oil use.

Do: Try to learn the common and also the species specific Latin names associated with particular scents. Many varieties of common names may apply to a particular Latin name. Conversely a common name may well be used in a relaxed manner to describe a number of different specific Latin names. Indeed, knowledge of the what product names apply to the plant ingredients contained within is also important. Some container labels refer to mixes of oils. 'Bay Essential Oil' is used for two different oils, each coming from a different plant extract, Latin names Pimenta racemosa and Laurus nobilis. The chemicals taken from a particular species of plant can differ massively from another species, therefore the scent and its uses can likewise be completely at odds with each other.

Do: Use reputable mail-order companies to buy your essential oils from. Typically such companies have purer oils at lower prices than your local high street health shop. Oil quality differs widely, so look around carefully. Read reviews where ever they occur, e.g. online discussion forums or magazines, obtain free samples and talk to people to see which oils work best for them. Companies sometimes make false claims over the purity of their oils in an attempt to try to increase their sales.

Do: House your own essential oils in dark cobalt blue or amber glass containers in a dark and cool location. Wooden unfinished hinged boxes or even wooden computer floppy disc storage containers work well. Once housed in an appropriate container small leaks are not so problematic when they occur, and essential oil transport is made easy.

Do: Look at what country the oil came from, has the production been environmentally sound? Quality sellers of essential oils should know, and be ready to impart, information such as organic status, wild-crafted or ethically farmed practices used with any of the oils on offer.

Don't: Purchase essential oil containers that have a rubber glass dropper top. The high concentration of many essential oils increases the chances of corrosive chemicals therein, this often leads to such tops being chemically reacted with and turned to a gum that ruins the oils consistency and/ or aroma and associated benefits.

Don't: Avoid purchasing perfume oils, these chemicals do not have the health benefits associated with aromatherapy essential oils and can be very expensive. Even if the only aspect you are interested in is the scent essential oils when breathed in do improve your wellbeing.

Don't: Craft shows, street fairs and other short-duration events are not the best places to buy essential oils since unscrupulous vendors in the past have been known to target people new to aromatherapy knowing that once their inferior products are sold you can't get your money back. Take this point as a precaution! Reputable companies do go to these events but if you are new to buying oils and want to have a look around simply be careful.

Do: Above all, enjoy becoming acquainted with this fantastic world of scents and health benefits.

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