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Early in the 1920's a chemist named Maurice Gatefosse discovered the benefits of aromatherapy by complete accident. Inside a perfume laboratory, while he was deeply engrossed in his work, he had, by accident, one of his arms catch fire. Thinking quickly, he tried to look for the nearest cold substance to put the fire out. He saw a vat of lavender oil and forced his burning arm into it. To his amazement, not only was the fir extinguished, his burns healed without scarring, too. From then on he used the word "aromatherapy" to describe the healing that he experienced.

Aromatherapy is what has become to be a sort of a science of how to use essential oils that are extracted from plants, herbs and other natural resources to produce products that enhance well being and sometimes even health. Aromatherapy uses a few methods, either by scent or by application to the skin - providing direct massage of the oils in the body so the oils get absorbed and express their activity by better and healthier skin.

Aromatherapy treatments have been proven beneficial by many through the years, may it be for therapeutic, emotional, physical, or spiritual use. Aromatherapy essential oils are also used in meditation practices and are believed to ease sore muscles and lift stressful moods.

Some of the conditions aromatherapy treats are: eczema, anxiety, stress or insomnia, muscular aches and pains, headaches, asthma, digestive problems, and menstrual or menopause problems. Whatever the situation is there is probably an essential oil to aid and heal.

A certified aromatherapist or massage therapist who uses essential oils may treat you to a full body massage or you can just buy certain aromatherapy products over the counter at pharmacies and health shops and treat yourself at home. There are also a lot of toiletries out there that contain essential oils and claim to add wellness or have healing capabilities

Several spas in your local mall may also offer aromatherapy treatments like full body, face, and scalp massages; detoxifying algae wraps; facial, back and bust treatments; and even hand and nail treatments. They may also have treatment rooms for different aromatherapeutic rituals.

These spas may also offer several aromatherapy products that promise relaxation, stimulation and sensuality. Meaning, these products can help you distress and unwind, feel good, and boost blood circulation to keep your body active. They even promise healing inside and out.

So there we have them - most that you have to know about aromatherapy. If the ancient Egyptians, Chinese, Indians, and even Rene Maurice Gatefosse benefited from it, may be you too will. Just remember to keep everything in moderation.

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