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How To Identify A Non Aromatherapy Products!  


As you may already know, Aromatherapy products come from natural sources such as plants, shrubs, tree barks and so forth. The internet is filled with different types of Aromatherapy oils and scents you can ever imagine. These oils help one to relax. Each product has some group of ailments it can heal and hence we want to be sure that when we decide to buy a product either online or offline that we get a real Aromatherapy product in our hands.


The truth of the matter is that there are a lot of substitutes in the market that vendors claim as Aromatherapy product. These substitutes come in the form of scents, essential oils, fragrances and so on. However you should know that Aromatherapy products come from Natural plants as I explained above. Specifically, Aromatherapy oils and scents are distilled from steam and do not come from synthetic sources but natural sources.


How do you know if a product is not an Aromatherapy product?

This question is important because vendors will convince you that certain oils are Aromatherapy based when in reality they are not. Therefore, it is your job to make sure you get the real product. And for that purpose, we will look into Aromatherapy roots, production, and types and so on to help you.

Aromatherapy products produces natural scents, these smell helps in soothing the mind and can cure one or two health problems, namely emotional or psychological disorder. The oils that these scents come from are extracted from plants that are still alive. These oils are used by the masseuse for massaging the body and it can be inhaled also. Based on the above facts about Aromatherapy line of products it is necessary that you sort any product by this knowledge. Lets check out some of them.

African Bluegrass come under the botanical name Cymbopogon Validus. It is produced from steam distillation and extracted from meadow tufts. It has its roots in South Africa. It has a lemon scent and it is aromatic in nature. Due to its harsh scents, this product is used by Africans to treat the feet when it is injured. There are other oils that can blend with this product, they are; citrus scents, dills, sage, or thymes. When it is blended, it produces a sweet scent. It is believed by the Africans that this product have holy oils which make it so unique. The holy oils are groove oils, olive, citronella, and myrrh. The only disadvantage of this product is that it produces an irritation on the skin and hence people are not very willing to use it.


Another oil that might be confused is the Carrier oils. Carrier is an Aromatherapy oil. Merchants can dress up a substitute and disguise it as the real Carrier oil and would have you believe them. To help you combat this problem you will need to know the following facts;


1. Aromatherapy products are natural and produces natural scents. 2. The oils are extracted from living plants. 3. Carrier oil has its botanical name to be Triacyglyyceride. 4. There are oils which must be diluted with this product to give maximum healing results.


Another oil is Cognac. Cognac is sorted out from natural fruits. Cognac is used in the making of some alcoholic drinks such as brandy. The oils can also be used as perfumes and after shave.


All being said you have to make sure that you are fully informed before you make any decision to use alternative medicines like Aromatherapy products.

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