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How To Obtain Arthritis Pain Relief With Aromatherapy


If you have arthritis, you are likely to be having achy joints, swollen muscles, and overall stiffness. The pain can be so severe that it makes accomplishing simple tasks such as dressing yourself up difficult. This can be very debilitating.

Aromatherapy uses plant and flower derived scents to treat a variety of ailments. As a therapy that induces relaxation and overall well-being, it should not be scothed at for the purposes of pain management. In fact, aromatherapy for arthritis pain relief has been shown to provide substantial therapeutic benefits for those that have tried it.

Arthritis pain relief is most when aromatherapy treatment is used in conjunction with other forms of therapy, including massage and occupational therapy. A great advantage of using aromatherapy for arthritis pain relief is that unlike other forms of therapies, aromatherapy is generally safe, all-natural, and produces very little or no side effects.

It is also easy to get an aromatherapy fix in your own home. Several manufacturers now make specially blended aromatherapy oils specifically to treat the symptoms of arthritis, including for rheumatoid arthritis. You can find these specially blended oils at your local health food store or order them through the web. The rise of these stores have grown with the increasing demand for aromatherapy products to treat a variety of illnesses and to help improve wellness.

Most of these specially blended aromatherapy products are combined into a topical vegetable oil, cream, or lotion that can be applied to the skin. Essential oils are very powerful. They must always be blended into some kind of base before they are used. Most aromatherapy blends contain roughly 3 per cent essential oils in a 97 per cent base. Any more than this ratio can cause irritation. When you need to have some arthritis pain relief, simply apply the oil, cream or lotion onto the affected region.

Some of the best essential oils for treating the symptoms of arthritis are eucalyptus, camphor, thyme, lavender, rosemary, ginger, lemon, and angelica root. Try to find aromatherapy blends that contain one or more of these essential oils.

You can also find aromatherapy blends that are for steam inhalation, applied as compresses, or added to bath water for a relaxing and comforting hot bath. When used in hot compress treatment, you can help reduce feelings of inflammation, joint stiffness, and overall muscle tension.


If you can are able to obtain some arthritis pain relief, you are likely to feel an increased sense of wellness. Do explore the option of obtaining arthritis relief through an aromatherapy session today!

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