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Description of Ingredients :

           Allantoin : protects skin ( e.g. burns, sunburns, scrapes), repairing agent by          

           promoting keratolysis & cell proliferation (e.g. chapped, cracked skin &           

           lips), relieves dryness, soothing effects (e.g. diaper rash).

          Alpha-Hydroxy Acid : moisturizing, peeling, smoothing, anti-wrinkle effects.

          works on upper (epidermis) skin layers. Increases skin collagen level and skin 


          Beeswax :  also known as Cera alba and Cera flava is used in cosmetic and 

          skincare products as a thickening agent, emulsifier, humectants and has        

          emollient, soothing and softening properties.

          Cetyl Alcohol : is not really an "alcohol" such as ethyl or rubbing alcohol,

          which would dry the skin. It is used in many cosmetics as an emollient,

          thickening agent, moisturizer, emulsifier, stabilizer.

Honey : used as an emollient, humectant and bacteriostat.

Coconut oil : Press from the dried meat of the coconut. Adds lather and 

moisturizing properties.

Distilled water : The collected and condensed steam of boiling water.

Lye : The solution of sodium hydroxide and water. Sodium Hydroxide

or Caustic soda is the strong alkaline base component of soap making. 

Bali Aromatherapy Souvenir

Aromatherapy products are packaged in unique Balinese aromatherapy handicraft style and aromatherapy handicraft usually used as an aromatherapy gift or aromatherapy souvenir in some situation or events. Aromatherapy gift or Bali aromatherapy souvenir are very safe to used for relaxation.


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