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Precautions To Take To Avoid Fake Aromatherapy Products!     


The crase in the Aromatherapy arena has caused some pending problems. Since nearly everyone know that Aromatherapy oils are essential oils that helps in healing the body and mind, some people are selling fixed oils as Aromatherapy products instead of the genuine natural Aromatherapy essential oils. As one who may be interested in this subject, you will want to protect your self from any problem that might result to your patronising these so called companies that market these products.


A question is brought to mind because of this development; How do I know if an oil is Real Aromatherapy oil. Well I will answer that question shortly.


Below are the possible ways you can check the authenticity of any company offering you the choice to buy any of their Aromatherapy oils.


1. Go to Google or Alexa and type in the company's name and reviews beside the name. These will give you peoples honest opinions on that company's product.

2. Investigate the company's background with the BBB.

3. Beware of any company that uses slick to get you to buy their product. Genuine companies don't sell with slicks designed to get you to buy from them.

A good company gives you all the needed information about a product and you decide to buy without any pressure from them. They present their product to you in a formal manner. Credibility is everything to a good company.

When you see slicks that says: "The product is limited, order at once" you will need to be cautious. Because you can see the same product marketed by another company with money back guarantee elsewhere whether online or offline, why bother about it's limited number with a particular company? What makes it different from the rest offered elsewhere? Why should the company tell you that if you can't buy now, you wont get it later? A genuine company with real oil can not force you to order any product. Those slicks are highly unprofessional and uncalled for.


Here is another example of another slick; "Buy from us, we have the cheapest and low cost oils ever" I mean the world is a very large place, how does this company know there is no other better company who offer a lower cost of same product?


To differentiate between unprofessional marketing slick versus professional marketing advertisement, let's consider the scenarios below:

A genuine company will give you the following information on Aromatherapy essential oils: - Botanical name - Description - Extraction process - Common purpose - Smell or Aroma - Color - Related History to the product.

I also want you to know that Original Aromatherapy oils bear the same natural name with their natural herbs, shrubs or plant or flower name. The following is a list of some of the known legitimate Aromatherapy essential oils.

*Ajowan *Bay *African Bluegrass *Basil *Absinthe *Anise Star *Australian Balm Mint Bush *Asafoetida *Angelica Root *Bergamot/Bergaptene Free *Betel Leaf *Armoise Mugwort * And so on.



Be clever, and do not fall prey to unscrupuluous element online who want to vanish with your money and offer trash to you.

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