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The Various Uses And Functions Of Unique Aromatherapy Products


Over time it has been proved that Aromatherapy products work and some work to perfection as claimed. This has made many people worldwide to switch from Orthodox medicine to alternative options such as Aromatherapy. This in turn has given immense credibility to Aromatherapy as a field where people go to get relief from their different medical problems. Aromatherapy has a large array of quality and effective oils and products that solves unique and varied health problems. Among the products are some very vital ones that i will mention and tell you their uses and functions.


1. CedarWood Atlas: This is one of the quality product you can find in the Aromatherapy collections. It is used in treating the following health conditions; acne, eczema, catarrh, anxiety, stress, rheumatism, bronchitis and so on. However, it has been proven by those who use it that a pregnant woman is not safe taking it as this may result in an unplanned abortion. Some even say it can boost someone's confidence. It come in the following forms. African Cedar, Libanol oils, moroccan cedar etc.


2. French Oils: Also called Cypress french oils, is a high quality essential product which help reduce the effect of menopause symptoms. It also heals the following conditions; asthma, circulatory failure, muscle cramps, nervous tension, painful cough, and moisturises dry skin.


3. Cognac is a product used in the making of liquor, and do not fully serve any healing purpose in Aromatherapy, however it is best used in as perfumes.

4. Do you know that Coffee is an Aromatherapy product? However, coffee essential oils gives a better smell than newly brewed coffee. It can be used as a good bathing alternative. It is one of the highly preffered Aromatherapy product.


5. Cinnamon leaf essential oils helps in fighting with anorexia and bacteria since it also acts as an anti-fungi. Additional ailments that Cinnamon oils fight is; chills, colds, flu, reducing contractions in women, Post Menstrual Syndrome, reduce stress, Rheumatism and other related infections. To get this product, you can do a search online and you will see them in very competitive prices.


6. Another quality essential oils available is called Clary sage. This oil make you feel on top of the world, it gives an ecstatic feeling to the user and the sweet aroma and scent calms women who are undergoing PMS.


7. The cross fertilisation between Seville orange and tangerine give birth to Clementine Solutions. It has a fresh and scintilating scent which helps gives the spirit a good feeling. It also relieves insomnia.


8. Benzoin essential oils is said by users to provide comfort, excite the mind, and gives one the feeling of elation. It also relieves strong coughs, bad breath, chills, skin problems, congested lungs, and helps a depressed mind among many other healings.

Aromatherapy has a very large collection of essential oils that will help anybody. However, a good knowledge of these Aromatherapy oils will help you to make a good decision when you are choosing any one that meets your health and emotional needs.

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